Tuesday, September 26, 2006

_subscript: gil akos. rodrigo piwonka. alan tansey. elliott robert voth.

//_research agenda


The architectural element of exploration for subscript will be surfaces, primarily vertical but may grow into elements that inhabit multiple planar fields.


Movement of the subscript system will consist of an organization of sensors and outputs that have individually “dumb” responsive reactions, but originate from highly tuned audio inputs. The system will respond according to multiple audio properties [such as wave frequency, amplitude, vibration] within unitized embedded elements that are interconnected. Although this relies upon a precise analysis of input, the output of the system is the main direction of subscript. [subscript is confident in its abilities to capture and tune audio input through MAX/MSP/JITTER.]


The subscript environment strives for full immersion and response. Its surfaces will be kinetic altering its apertures and surface extension through linear actuated conversion. The surface will not be defined by the planarity of a wall, floor, or ceiling but will be continuous and differentiated in form and reaction (sound reflection).


subscript intends to build and install the final result. subscript will use all tools at their disposal to realize the final element, including other integrative software such as MAX/MSP/JITTER, generative components, and Maya. In addition to physical production, subscript will not be limited by contributions from external software; these tools will be used as additive enhancers of and for performance of the project.

//_research topic proposal


The primary research topic undertaken by subscript will be within the topic of output. Initial plans for prototyping areas include aperture, linear movement conversion, and topical extension. Output will also be, in some circumstances, the input of the physical reactions to sound and its reflection from the installation.

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