Monday, September 25, 2006

ResearchAgenda_v1.0_Group 9_ Richard, Kirk, Yen

Slip Space

ResearchAgenda _v1.0

Architectural Element
We will try to create a variation on the ceiling grid that can be dynamic and able to fluctuate patterns.

Limiting ourselves to the contraction and extension of the Flexonal wire, we will try to create a system that allows non-linear movement

Environmental Impact
A series of physical deformations and realignment of elements within a closed system to create an impact on the quality of light within a space.

We will build a series of physical models exploring different material, exploiting their physical characteristics to work in a system of our design.

ResearchTopic _v1.0
We intend to focus our research in on the output of a system. Looking at algae formation and taking osmotic pressure as a point of departure, we are trying to look at how a series of semi-rigid bodies of various sizes will respond and redistribute itself when agitated into non-determinate movement.

Lighting, Architectural components, Boundary of Space ( ex. Pattern of wall.) .etc.

The investigation of this application could be an interesting contribution to kinetic architecture by studying a system which has a rigid internal structure, but that still allows for flexibility and free form movement that responds to human interaction.

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