Tuesday, November 07, 2006

_subscript: direction

// Input component
{miniature microphones}{usb/firewire interface}
{vibration sensors}{ardiuno analog inputs}

// Processing component
{maxMSPjitter}{patch developoment}

// Output component
{motion}{geometry development}

// Scale of a single "module" if you have one
{node/epicenter based module}
{assemblage of "dumb" units connected with "smart" units}
{maximum displacement from minimal local reaction}
{epicenter includes: (1 microphone)(+/- 2 flexinol)(1 [remote] vibration sensor)(~9 active cells)}

// Number of modules you will create
{3 to 5 epicenters}
{~10% of overall cells in assemblage}
{reaction wihin and between epicenters}

// Siting (vertical, horizontal, indoor, outdoor, in a quiet environment, etc.)
{100 Avery Hall (space between 200 level elevator and stairs to 100 level)}
{1172 Amsterdam Avenue}
{New York, NY 10027}

// The "twist" of the project
{the mouth + the [tuned responsive] feedback output}

// Vendors of all materials you will have to buy
{maudio usb interface}
{radioshack/online equivalent}

// List of technical issues and tests you will have to conduct in the next five weeks
{analog audio inputs to laptop}
{wireless, from laptop to arduino}
{electrical engineering}

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