Monday, October 30, 2006

Running Basic Stamp AND the RFID Reader through Visual Basic

Here's a less successful attempt at getting the RFID reader and the Basic Stamp board to run through the same VB program. The Basic Stamp still worked but we ran into programming trouble past our ablities and the RFID portion was there but didn't function.

1. Splice the RFID program together with the Basic Stamp program in Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express (RFID code outlined in red):

2. The hybrid program in Designer View:

3. Debug the program to test run it:

4. Click YES to run the last known good version:

5. The running program with the Basic Stamp controls (on the top half) and the RFID controls (on the bottom half):

6. Select Comm Port 3 and CONNECT:

Continued in next post.....

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