Tuesday, September 26, 2006

RESEARCH AGENDA: Belinda Kanpetch, Jenny Neenchaisak, Skye Duncan, Irene Kelly


Objective: to construct a responsive urban operator that mediates the relationship of public to its environment while existing as part of a network at an urban scale.

Architectural Element: We are going to investigate fabric tensile structures (eg. Umbrellas, mobiles, sails, kites, meteorological measurement tools) and investigate how these tools might withstand environmental impacts in their various states, and how these particular form variations are created.

Movement: We will construct an entity that can be deployed at an urban scale so that the sum will have a cumulative effect in providing an awareness of one’s surrounding environment. The final form will be responsive to particular environmental conditions that will expand/ contract and result in the reflection and negotiation of public space in accordance with the inputs.

Spatial Impact: This change will be sensed or experienced at a human scale while having a multiplicity of results. The object will have an educational awareness aspect for the individual that alters with the physical shift. There is also a larger objective of consisting as a part of an urban scale network.

Realization: We plan to build one prototype that would essentially exist in the proposed network so that our objectives may be realized by the human interactor.


We plan to complete weekly functioning prototypes that investigate both the environmental shifts that will create the most responsive final model (whether it be temperature, rain, sunshine or wind) while simultaneously using form and easily accessed materials to test inherent natural properties to work towards the ideal final model. (eg, Latex, rubber, paper, wire frame, fabric)

We will investigate the practical use of cost effective and readily available vibration, humidity and pH sensors (all stocked through Parallax) to choose the best input sensor. We hope to find our ideal combination of outputs through experimenting with concepts of education/ awareness (information) display methods, orientation, and environmental protection/ shelter.

We will produce a light construction final model that can be situated outside to react to the chosen environmental conditions, or inside with simulated conditions. The design will bring a unique urban design approach to this project providing an alternative in overall scale (network) and potential implementation opportunities within the public realm.

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