Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Group Agnew. Porto, Worsnick Research Proposal

Research Agenda:


It is our intention to utilize radio frequency identification technology (RFID’s) in order to activate and engage intelligent, anticipatory architectural responses.

Fundamentals and Potential:

Traditionally used in retail and security, RFIDs are a low-cost, unintrusive, and efficient means of distributing information, allowing for the tracking and cataloguing of products and personnel. An RFID system involves a reader that writes and reads information on tag. Tags can be as small as half a grain of sand, cheap as ten cents, and have an indefinite lifespan.

With the widespread implementation of RFIDs, the control of large numbers of people is possible. We will look at the potential of RFID input to intelligently and dynamically, in real time, create spatial organization in crowds, specifically through the manipulation of thresholds, portals, and pathways.


Our research will focus on the distribution and collection of RFID tag data, however we will consider outputs including manipulation of:
- gates
- turnstiles
- varying passage width
- varying floor slope
- integrated lighting controls and cues


1. get reader to read tags
2. write code to allow intelligent interpretation of tag information
3. provoke simple outputs
4. explore potential for economies of scale

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