Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Group Agnew, Porto, Warsnick Topic Proposal

Research Topic Proposal

Intent: To focus on input to utilize radio frequency identification technology (RFIDs) in order to activate and engage intelligent, anticipatory architectural responses.

  1. Review existing uses of RFIDs
    1. Security
    2. Marketing
    3. Retail stock cataloging
    4. Profiling

  1. Experimentation
    1. Intelligent cumulative response

i. Recording of instances a user has interacts with a reader

ii. Adaptation of response

    1. Proximity
    2. Volume tracking
    3. Speed tracking
    4. Means of RFID distribution
    5. Real-time adaptation

  1. Architectural Components Reconsidered
    1. Spatial distribution
    2. People flow
    3. Thresholds
    4. Spatial organization

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