Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Elena Perez :: Marcella del Signore :: Radames Culqui :: Matthew Utley

The hidden path


Physical Apparatus for Implementation
Generic rectangular room

Dynamic Scenario for Investigation
Bipedal organism path movement

Spatial and Temporal Impact
Spatial modification by presence accumulation [crowding] and path tracking [flow]

Physical Manifestation
Cartesian Grid of sensors deployed for the triggering of visual identifiers : 1 to 1 scale.


The idea of this project starts with the exploration of the labyrinth as a representation of the complexity of the mind.

If we remember Daedal Labyrinth the center would represent the desire of getting an answer of the complexity of a reality that we can not control. Once we know how to get in we can find again the way back, we can now control the space and therefore to know what was unknown, but can we really have that control?

We would like to explore within this idea how space can be experienced and perceived in different ways, mentally and physically. Thinking about the condition of the labyrinth, we could imagine it as an endless space but framed at the same time.

This endless condition could be represented as a field or grid within a border. A framed space that the visitor can experiment discovering the different possibilities of paths within this labyrinth, activated with his own movement in it. The answer of this movement could be a certain intensity of light, configuration or path that can give him a clue or the possibility to choose among different options.

The control of the space would be in reality the mental representation of it, if we play at the same time with the partial control of what we really see.

At this point, we could look at it from two different points of view:

_ The experience being inside the labyrinth, and thus, activating it.

_ On the other hand, the experience of being outside, knowing the answer, recognizing where the people are.


First Cluster

One (1) SENSOR
One (1) PROGRAM (code)
Five (5) LED light

This set up will allow for experimentation with the construct and an investigation into the combination of the output indicators (LED). This will be expanded upon until a scale can be reached that mimics our earlier reference to the labyrinth.

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