Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Chris Booth_John Brockway_Ingrid Campo-Ruiz_Nefeli Chatzimina_Eduardo Mcintosh

+ RESEARCH TOPIC: Responsive habitation is the result of intelligent space. In this case, we will investigate auditory input in public space, creating (from a flat state?) variants on performance space or shelter. We are interested in the feedback loop of a space transformed by sound, and the resulting modification of acoustic character which becomes embedded in the system. Further fascinations:
Logic of the fold in modulating acoustic character?
Light as visual proxy for environmental control?

+ RESEARCH AGENDA:Collect information on the following:

-Robust and responsive materials, able to maximize the capabilities of a Flexinol-driven motion system.

-choice of ambient environmental/ active input sensors: acoustic(Piezo?/Vibration?), temperature(HOBO), temperature+humidity(Sensirion SHT1X) Flexiforce pressure sensor, Photoresistor (luminance), PIR sensor, etc.

+ COMMON ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENT- Translation of limited flex-wire output (via mechanical amplification) to pronounced enclosure transformation. Material transformation enhanced by immaterial transformation (light/shadow/color range)
+ MOVEMENT- We will devise a structural/skeletal system, reliant on the contraction provided by flexinol shape-memory wires, which will act to modulate certain environmental factors such as daylight, sound performance, ventilation, etc.
- Immaterial modulation: LED color range connected to a range of sonic inputs.

- movement research: studies into mechanical advantage/lever arm for maximum translation. We also must ask the question; “what makes the Flexinol wire preferable to servo motors?”+ SPATIAL IMPACT- Enhanced awareness of environmental factors reflected in enclosure system; automated performance functions with (possible) occupant override.+ REALIZATION- scale study models
- investigation of intelligent materials over time (plastic hinges, visualization of repetitive stress)

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